{C says…}

“Pentagons have 5 sides… Ovals have no Tangles” (meaning no ANGLES!)

“I want to sleep in my package!”  (meaning the pack and play… we don’t make her sleep in boxes!)

“Mumma, sing me a love-a-by!”

“I’m ready to roll!”(frequent quote as we go out the door)

“The vegetables are very friendly ” (about animitronic veggies at Storyland)

She now attempts to tell jokes… “knocknockwhostherebooboowhoohnodontcry!” ha!

“it’s okay mom, i gotcha”  (ooookay? I was sitting in the seat in front of her.. wasn’t aware i needed “getting” LOL)

at every red light : RED- STOP!

and when it turns green: GREEN-GOooooO!

And today when turning Left on Red but with a green arrow: no, I need a GREEN light. NO go. It WAS RED. (the nuances of driving law are lost on her ;))

I told C we were having a Barbecue for lunch and she asked me if I had bar-b-cubes in my purse. Then she insisted she couldn’t have a burger because she was having barbcubes.

Recent Freaked out over the physics of stickiness. Dude, I promise, a new band aid will not work ANY BETTER than your last one did in the bathtub!!

That’s all I can remember for now! 🙂


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