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i thought they were cookies…

This story is just too awesome not to share!

Last week in school C made stones out of coffee grounds and sand (and probably some other ingredients). They made them because they had talked about the story of David and Goliath and how David had used Stones in his slingshot. (so glad they made stones and not sling shots!). Anyway, the stones had to dry over the weekend.

Well, the teacher emailed us on Monday saying how the stones smelled positively AWFUL! She didn’t kow what was wrong. So she said to just admire them in their (Sealed!) baggies and then get rid of them.

So I left them out on the counter for C to show Daddy. She does, and then I was going to wait till she went to bed to toss her project out. Of course, I forget to do so as soon as she is in bed. We’re watching TV and B gets up to go get a drink. I’m focused on the show.

He sits back down.

(do you see where this is going yet?)

Next thing I know he’s saying, “WHAT ARE THESE? UGH!”

Yep. He was eating rotten coffee ground & sand “cookies”.

We could not stop laughing about it. 🙂


aww poor blog…

I am sorry for the lack of Updates!… and I never posted this, and so I am editing it so include more info lol. I am hoping to get better about this!!! I want to have something to help me remember all the cute these little guys do. 🙂

D- started sitting up just before 7 months. And at th end of his 7th month, 2 teeth appeared! at 8 months he seems to want to be on the move but hasnt figured it out yet! (and since it’s taken me a month to post this, he’s 9.5 months- he still can’t crawl! he rolls around, scoots backwards and is semi mobile that way…) And as of this week he has stopped gagging on anything that wasnt a super smooth puree- he may eat real food someday ! ((and now at 9.5months is mostly on table food!))Yay! He continues to be a super sweet happy baby who never cries! ((we took him to a kids concert- read: loud, flashing light, start and stop music– he didnt make a peep! Such a good baby!!))He easily goes to other people and only fusses if he is left completely alone in a room. His big sister continues to be his most favorite person and if she comes scampering back in he perks right up. You should see him light up when she comes around!  ((this is still true:)))And, biggest news of all- he finally has started sleeping through the night. At least sometimes. (not last night!). ((this is still his one “weakness” –still not very regular with good sleep!!!))

C-Turned 3! We had to reschedule her birthday party due to the kids getting hand, foot, and mouth (for the 2nd time in 5 months! boo!). Ill try to do some photo updating in another blog.

3 seems to be the not listening age. You can pray for me as I am feeling like I lose my patience with her far too often (I’m sure that not sleeping through the night doesnt help!).

She continues to have an amazing memory. She is now 3 years, 2 months and knows all of her letters, usually/most upper and lower case. She knows all the sounds the letters make, she knows what letters are vowels. This is not because I am an amazing homeschool mom. I must admit it is thanks to this little show on netflix that she absolutely loves. It is super catchy and of course, it gets old like most kid shows, but seriously, I highly recommend it! (they also have a number one that she likes and I like even less :))

My big girl started preschool! Someday I might homeschool my kids, but for the preschool age (particularly with another one at home) I’m happy to send her off. 🙂 That sounds bad. But you know what I mean. She absolutely loves it. They had a few days so that we could warm them into separation. Yeah, my kid didnt need that. In fact, on the days since then she is always anxiously asking me (a A a…) “you’re gonna leave mommy??” — because she DOESN’T want me to stay!

We’ve  been busy the last few weeks especially, hitting up birthday parties, labor day weekend fun, renaissance fairs, apple picking with friends, C’s first concert, and soon off to the beach with PopPop. We just don’t stop! Hopefully I will get my act together posting more about these events, or at least some pictures.

Oh, and a little on A & B- part of the blog drought was due to B having a very busy season with work because of a strike- thankfully that is over and he is VERY much looking forward to & due for a vacation! He’s started a blog for his photography, I invite you to follow & comment, it will mean a lot to him! 🙂

I need to remind him to update it! 😉
I attended Thirty-One’s National Conference in August and I absolutely LOVED it and I am already looking forward to heading back to Atlanta next year!! I am totally inspired to keep at this business!


More soon, I promise!