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Halloween and {37 Weeks}

I have to combo post so that I keep up! 🙂 Other than eating too much halloween candy lately (someone stop me before i turn into a butterfinger!) we are doing really well.

C was pretty pumped about getting candy, but not so much about the costume part (apparently, none of the teenagers in this area were excited about costumes either. I was very disappointed with my trick or treater turn out!). She was supposed to be “lady bug girl” from these books (which she loves). But, it was too cold for just a headband so she had on a ladybug hat instead. And she wouldn’t wear her tu tu. So she basically ended up looking like  her regular self + ladybug boots and cape. LOL. And I had to bribe her with chocolate to get the cape/wings on her!!  I’m pretty proud of the cape/wings I made! She’s not a fan of wearing regular wings (that you can buy, natch). So I found this tutorial on pinterest and whipped this up for C. I ❤ easy. (PS definitely did NOT take 2-3 hrs).

She loved her little pumpkin light. Best 1.39 I've spent!

Wing Shot!

And here’s my costume:

At 37 weeks pregnant, I’m as big as a house! My one regret is that i couldn’t figure out how to execute this sooner. If I had, I think it would’ve turned out even better! But I’m still proud of my pregnant costume. 🙂

Speaking of 37 weeks, here’s the latest bump picture!

I’m feeling pretty good. Tired. Achy. heartburn. insomnia. etc. But I mean, I really can’t complain!! (okay, i can and I do… but I shouldn’t!). I’m feeling “ready”. As in, I cannot wait to be done being pregnant! I think that some of that comes from the fact I already know how awesome it will be when the little guy is here.. I don’t have the first time mom worries that i had before… I worry some about how C will react of course, but mostly I know that D will fit in just fine! I just want it to happen already! And some of it comes from the fact that my friend has a 5 week old and I still have 3 weeks to go…It doesn’t seem right when we were pregnant together all along! LOL. And some of it is just from being generally uncomfortable.

At the same time, I keep thinking I really don’t know what’s about to hit me and maybe I ought not (wish) to rush it (especially since our car is STILL IN THE SHOP!).  I almost feel like I want to go into labor and have the baby so I won’t be uncomfortable anymore…. and I’m forgetting how life is going to change afterward! I don’t know if that makes sense. These thoughts swirl around in my mind all day and then i can’t get them out in a sensible way!

I had my 37 week appointment today. I was finally going to see a different MW in the practice, but I found myself feeling emotional over seeing someone new! Isn’t that crazy? So i switched at the last minute. And then my appointment time had to change at the last minute so B and C ended up coming with me! this was a good appointment for him to make since we are so close to the end! Turns out I am GBS+ this time, which is a bummer. I was hoping to labor at home for as long as possible… but since my last labor was *relatively* short (8-9hrs) they will want me to come in sooner to be sure to get at least one dose of antibiotics in!

So current prayer requests:

  • for the birthing tub to be available
  • for “my” MW to be on call when I’m in labor/giving birth
  • that I’ll receive at least one dose of antibiotics before giving birth!
  • that our car situation will be settled before the birth.

The rest of the appointment was excellent though. He’s still head down, heartbeat was good, measuring right on time! C was curious about everything, and after my exam we measured C’s belly, listened to her heart with the doppler, etc. It was super cute and she LOVED it. 🙂 And another point for “why I love my midwife”. 🙂

Interestingly, I’ve been having mild contractions every 4 minutes while I’ve been writing this. I can tell that these aren’t the “real thing”…yet. But maybe he’s getting more into position!

Come on out baby, we want to meet you! 🙂


((also, don’t you love my new header? My friend Amy at One Artsy Mama created it for me! Thanks, Amy!!))


What I love(d) about being pregnant/being a Mom.

On my message board the other day someone posted about all the trials of pregnancy. That served as a good reminder that I could wait awhile before attempting baby #2! 🙂 But then some people also posted spin offs about what was great about pregnancy and having a new baby (these made me ache to be pregnant and have a new baby again!) Here are some of mine:

Best parts of pregnancy:

  • How (mostly) everyone is so nice to you!
  • Feeling the baby move!
  • Having such an intimate connection with the baby. You get to have a relationship with someone who isn’t yet born…it’s pretty awesome… I wonder if God sort of feels this way about us before we are born also?!
  • Eating Ice Cream. (Though I’ve resolved, repeatedly, to not do this as much next time!)
  • Being infinitely interesting. People (including strangers) always want to know about you, how you’re doing, when you’re due, what you’re having… I think it’s probably because they know how awesome what you’re about to do is!
  • Getting to park in “expectant mother parking”.

Best Parts of Mommyhood, so far:

  • feeling the weight of her little body rest against mine.
  • getting to experience all those “firsts!”
  • her smiling at me just because I’m me.
  • seeing her try to peek over the crib rail to see if I’m there.
  • breastfeeding, for me, has almost always been a very positive experience.
  • watching her learn and explore “simple” things has made me appreciate them more.
  • feeling pretty darn productive even if “all” i did that day was keep her safe & fed.
  • teaching & playing Peekaboo.
  • a sense of pride that is so inexplicable
  • understanding, a sliver, a tiny bit more, the love that God must have for us. 🙂

There are many many more, but that’s all i got for now. 😉

16 weeks pregnant, maybe I should finally blog?

Well, the cat is out of the bag, as everyone knows already. So I can finally blog about being pregnant.

Of course, I would’ve done it sooner, had I had the energy.

The first trimester, I felt VERY blessed, b/c i really had no morning sickness. Yay! Praise God! I did have some food aversions (still do!), but it has really been very easy to manage.

I did however, get the Oh-so-fun insomnia, which still comes and goes, though it isn’t as bad as in the first trimester.

And, the lovely exhaustion. Hopefully my subsequent pregnancies I won’t be quite so exhausted!! I can’t imagine having a toddler running around and being this tired!! ACK! Anyway, the exhaustion, like the insomnia, seems to be coming and going now.. some days i am really good, and other days, i could sleep all day!

Still no baby bump.

I had my 16 week appointment yesterday, which was really good. My midwife assured me that all was well even though I have no bump, and no weight gain. We scheduled my appointment for my “big” ultrasound.. this is the ultrasound where they check fetal anatomy for different typed of birth defects– heart chambers, the brain, abdominal organs, etc. This is also the ultrasound where we get to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl! We can’t wait! 🙂

Baby S’s heartrate was in the 140s again.. seriously, best sound ever! 🙂 It was such a great reassurance to hear it! According to my weekly emails, baby S is about the size of an avocado this week.

I have started to feel the baby move- i think! I really can’t tell for sure if it is the baby, but I am 90% sure! I usually can feel it when i am laying on my stomach, or sitting really still (like when i am typing on the laptop!) I can’t wait for the movement to be more regular!

Alright, i think this is enough excitement for now! Hopefully I won’t go so long between blogs from now on! 🙂