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Um, Hi.

Hi World!

Remember me? I used to write a lot. Or I at least used to update this at times. I’ve decided to go ahead and try to get back into posting on here to keep in touch with friends but also to try and attempt to document poor D’s life. I at least had C documented until he was born. Poor D hasn’t hardly had any posts. 🙂

So speaking of Sir Adorable, he has been talking up a storm lately. He has two blankies that are his loveys and he can’t say “blankie” so he officially has dubbed them “KeeKees”… along with Kee Kee comes his “Sahsee” or as you might recognize it, a Paci.

I am so thankful that we were able to sell our old house so easily. And even as blessedly easy as it was, it has still been an incredibly stressful few months. If I get REALLY inspired maybe I’ll type up how  crazy the 24 hours around the closing ended up being. Hopefully the new owners are enjoying it as much as we did for the last 5 years. The kids are missing it though… well C is, anyway.  I searched through old pictures to find a picture of our house before we had it painted…

and more recently it has looked like this:

IMG_1745 We said good-bye, Old House!

Now we are hanging at my moms for a bit before we move into our new house! So for now I say good-bye as a certain C wants to go practice a swim!


C’s 4th Birthday!

C's 4th Birthday!

I’m re-learning to use WordPress and I am going to try to get back into actually updating the blog. 🙂 So I am testing out some ways to get pictures on. So this doesnt count as the first post.

C says…

Upon dropping a penny…
“I dropped it! Now I can’t celebrate, cause I’m sad…”

“mommy, you sit in your chair. I gets blanket. Now we can snuggle.”

(wearing only Jammie top)
“can you take this off so I can prance?”

(feeding D peas)
Daddy: “you might need more than one pea.”
C: “only one Pea because D is almost one.”

(on the way to see cousins)
“what kind of cousins?”

Pop pop and Grammy don’t have a baby yet. Ill have toget them a baby.

“Daddy is my friend. He lives at work. In florida.”

These are all from the last few months. The last one was tonight (12/11) and I finally am updating my blog, dad!

Storyland 2012

No time to post! Just enjoy the pictures! We had a great time 🙂

{C says…}

“Pentagons have 5 sides… Ovals have no Tangles” (meaning no ANGLES!)

“I want to sleep in my package!”  (meaning the pack and play… we don’t make her sleep in boxes!)

“Mumma, sing me a love-a-by!”

“I’m ready to roll!”(frequent quote as we go out the door)

“The vegetables are very friendly ” (about animitronic veggies at Storyland)

She now attempts to tell jokes… “knocknockwhostherebooboowhoohnodontcry!” ha!

“it’s okay mom, i gotcha”  (ooookay? I was sitting in the seat in front of her.. wasn’t aware i needed “getting” LOL)

at every red light : RED- STOP!

and when it turns green: GREEN-GOooooO!

And today when turning Left on Red but with a green arrow: no, I need a GREEN light. NO go. It WAS RED. (the nuances of driving law are lost on her ;))

I told C we were having a Barbecue for lunch and she asked me if I had bar-b-cubes in my purse. Then she insisted she couldn’t have a burger because she was having barbcubes.

Recent Freaked out over the physics of stickiness. Dude, I promise, a new band aid will not work ANY BETTER than your last one did in the bathtub!!

That’s all I can remember for now! 🙂

Some C pictures






We went to some local touch a truck events and she absolutely loved it! D was not a fan of everyone honkin the horns!

After nap one day I found her dressed as snow white-fire fighter princess 🙂

I love this kid!


“stir dirt” time (desert time!)