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Almost a year…

in less than two weeks, C will be turning one! I’ve really tried to sit back and enjoy this time and treasure every moment… and even still, it went way too fast! I keep trying to freeze her at the age she is…fortunately she just keeps getting better and better, so I don’t mind the growing up AS much…

July 14 will mark many other things too.. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately I’d like to post more on. For now, a list… 🙂

One year of:

  • being a family of three.
  • being a mom.
  • exclusively breastfeeding
  • learning to be needed all the time
  • cloth diapering
  • realizing my selfishnesss
  • fun, fun, fun!
  • growth-vast changes in both C and me, I think!
  • parenting

Obviously some things on the list are deeper than others. I think it is pretty amazing how much not only a baby changes in their first year, but parents as well. We will (hopefully!) have more children, but we will never experience the first year of parenthood again. (Thank goodness!). But the second year is coming up fast! Not sure we are ready! I feel like we both can trust our instincts so much more than we could when she was a tiny little thing. I’m no longer pouring over every sleep book I can find (though I do solicit advice and pull them out from time to time in hopes of finding more sleep!).  I used to really struggle when leaving C with anyone, even B. That’s gotten so much better. I know that B (and anyone we trust) can handle it. I still think of her/them while I’m out, but I no longer need to call and check in! I’m even getting ready to go away for a few nights without her, and later, without her or B! (I plan on reading all of the Twilight books in 2 days when I’m away…good use of time, right?).

Sometimes I DO long for the days when she was a little lump, not getting in to anything. But then my friends of newborns remind me of the countless diaper changes, the up all nights, and the bleary eyed early mornings and I am happy with where we are! 🙂

I will be writing more on some of these topics, hopefully writing them down here will help me to remember all the things I want to say! 🙂


Cloth Diapering Part Two…

So a friend of mine had too many questions to comment, so she emailed me. I’ll do my best at answering them in this follow up Cloth Diapering Post!

How many covers do you have for the pre-folds in each size (XS, SZ 1, SZ 2) and do you feel like you have enough?

I started out with 6 newborn (NB) covers. 2 XS Thirsties, 2 Imse Vmse, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and one by Brookiellen. I ended up buying another from Brookiellen because i loved it so much! I also bought a Thirsties Duo Wrap (size 1) because I wanted to try them out. (I recommend getting those!). But 6 was definitely enough, because I was also able to use Gro Baby’s. I’d recommend having @ least 6, because the poop definitely runs onto the cover if you are trifolding (and even if you are snapping but aren’t good at snappis yet, like me!)

How often are you doing PF/cover/Gro Baby laundry? (I combined these questions)

When she was a NB I was able to go 3 full days (washing on the am of the 4th day) because i had SO many diapers (I had some that weren’t favorites, but could use in a pinch, plus the gro babys, while bulky, WERE usable from pretty much the beginning, so I could use those on laundry day.)

Now that she is bigger, though, I only use the gro babys. I’m currently having to do laundry on the morning of the 3rd day, if not sooner. (the little stinkers know when you put a clean diaper on, and save their poop for then! I’m told this is NOT a phenomenon that is limited to my child, so be warned). I just bought 4 more inserts for my Gro babys, so I’m not sure where that leaves me.

I wash the covers when ever I wash diapers. With the amount of covers I had, I was able to do it that way. You can also hand wash a cover if you needed to, I never did.

How many prefolds do you have? What kind of prefolds do you have?

18 orange edge Green Mountain Diapers (purchased as seconds, meaning they may have imperfections- nothing seems wrong with them to me!) These were my favorite diapers. Very fluffy and fit great, not too bulky.

12 Infant PFs from SewCraftyBaby (SCB) & 6 Preemie PFs from SCB- Never really used any of these from SCB, because i didn’t feel they were fluffy/absorbant enough. They also were longer but not wide. GMD’s claim to fame is that they are wider but shorter so they tend to fit better.

6 Green edge diapers from a friend -these were great for wash days, and when she got a bit bigger.

6 Yellow edge diapers- these were bigger and I never used them as diapers. Great burp cloths/changing pad covers though!

I just packed up all my Newborn diapers/covers (:::tear:::). Some of them WOULD still fit her, but for simplicity’s sake, we are using only Gro Baby’s now.

Did you get the “rubber pant” style for night time?
No, those are the cheapest covers you can get, and apparently they DO work, so if you really want to save $, they are the way to go. But the others are cuter and work fine! 🙂

How many gro-baby diapers do you have? How many snap in liners do you have for the gro-baby?
I have 11 Gro Baby “shells” (outer part/cover) and (just yesterday got 4 more) 23 snap in soakers. My laundry estimates were based on having 19 soakers. I feel like i could use some more shells (well, at least on some days i feel like that, others, i feel like i have plenty!) I’m waiting for their new pretty prints to come out though!

• Are you doing cloth wipes?If you are then how many wipes do you have?

I’m just using washcloths for wipes. I find it is easier to use cloth wipes (when at home) that I wet with a bit of water (i keep a squirt bottle at my changing area) because then everything from a diaper change goes into the laundry basket. Because I’m just using washcloths, which i obviously use for baths, hand/face cleaning and other miscellaneous baby duties (DOOTIES!!! heehe.. Katie gets this, I know…), I have a LOT of “wipes”. Probably like 40? Maybe less, but a LOT. I don’t run out though, either. That wasn’t very useful of an answer, I’m sure. But wipes are cheap and easy to come by (if you use washcloths, that is). I ran out and bought more at one point, at walmart. Easy-peasy.

How many diapers are you using in a typical day?

Totally depends on the day! I’ve learned (the hard way!) to wait awhile after she eats in the am to change her. Sure, she’s wet from the night time, but she also needs to poop from not doing it all night… She kept pooping on a brand fresh diaper before I wised up to her game and started waiting her out… Now I put her in the magic “poop chair” (bouncy seat- has the right angle i guess!) and wait till she goes, saving me a diaper change. Enough about her poop. Anyway, it really depends. But if I *had* to guess, I’d say I’m changing her roughly 8-10 times a day, (midnight to midnight), at LEAST once that includes a cover getting pooped on and therefore out of the rotation.
• Were you able to find out when new colors for the Grow Baby are coming out? Is there a blog or something I can look at to hear the rumors?

Gro Baby has a facebook fan page. They announced the new covers are coming out in late september i believe. On their page you can see the prototypes- they are super cute!

Has the TTO helped with the smell in the bags?
Actually, since C is exclusively breastfed, her poop doesnt stink. I did use a bit of TTO to see if it made the bag smell good (i just poured some onto a prefold) and it did! So i’d guess it will help when she starts eating the real stuff!

Do you have a big diaper pail in your changing room that you use for the wet / dirty diapers?

Yup. I have what is actually a laundry basket with a Planet Wise liner. Someone suggested that these are a good idea because it helps keep the diapers “breathing” (not locked up tight), but it still has a top (to keep the smell somewhat contained, once the poop smells). Works great! I have two liners, so while one is washing, the other is in the pail.

Are you rinsing the dirty diapers right away or throwing them into the pail for later? (the ones without solid ish poop, although I guess with her just on B-milk that would probably be most if not all)

Again, because C is EBF, no need to rinse the poop at all- it’s water soluble! (see, this post is now advocating EBF AND CDing!). Later, when she does have more solid poops, I will try to shake them off into the toilet. I may also end up using liners that can be washed & re-used if it is just wet, and flushed if it is poop. (like imse vmse reusable liners…a friend uses these). Other methods include having a diaper sprayer- (basically a kitchen sink sprayer hooked to your toilet’s plumbing), or using TP or a spatula to get the poop off. As far as i know, diaper manufacturers do NOT recommend “wet pailing” anymore.

I hope that helps!! 🙂

Off to check the diaper laundry… 🙂

Cloth Diapering Pictures…

Ok, So I tried to upload these close to chronological order. I need to take some more recent pics in her Gro Baby’s! While I am pretty sure most of her covers would still actually fit, I’ve retired them rather than buy more prefolds to use in them. So for now (as long as i can contain myself from buying more CDs!) all we use are the Gro Baby’s.

6 Days Old in a Gro Baby.

3 Days old in a cover made by my friend Brooke. You can visit her Etsy Shop.

3 Days Old in an XS Thirsties Cover. (Thirsties are my favorite covers!)

2 Days Old in a preemie Imse Vmse cover. (I liked these, but C outgrew them fast. Great for a smaller baby, I’d think…)

10 Days old in another XS Thirsties Cover

8 Days old in a Gro Baby. I used two booster pads instead of a snap-in soaker for a trimmer fit. Worked great! (I still do that in a pinch if it’s laundry day!)

15 Days old. This is an Orange Edged Green Mountain Diaper Prefold. These were great! This is what she is wearing under most of the covers. We mostly jus trifolded into the cover (no pins or snappis needed), but we occasionally snappied (shown here). Snappi-ing is the new pinning. Sooo Easy! I never got REALLY good at doing folds with snappis, but I’m sure if I had practiced I would’ve gotten it!

15 Days old in a Gro Baby.

16 Days old, in another creation by Brooke! Love it!! 🙂 My Lil fan!

18 days old, in a Thirsties Duo Size One. Sooo excited about these new covers. As I said in my last post, if I were to do it all over again, I would just use prefolds & covers. And if I was going to do that, i would stock up on Thirsties Duos. They are not a one size cover, but almost! This cover snaps down to what I would say is the same, if not a bit smaller, than a Thirsties XS cover. It goes to 18lbs or approximately 9 months. Then you can get the Thirsties Duo, size 2, which should take you through potty training. These really save you $ because they are well priced to begin with, & you won’t have to buy NEARLY as many covers. (unless you just can’t resist all the beautiful colors it comes in!)

Maybe I’ll snap some pictures of her in her Gro Baby’s later today for some more updated pictures! 🙂 I do want to say, I LOVE my Gro Baby’s! While they aren’t AS economical as prefolds and covers, I think in the long run they are pretty close…

🙂 Feel free to ask any questions! 🙂

Cloth Diapering (part one)

Lots of people had crazy reactions when I said I was going to cloth diaper (CD), mostly they thought i was crazy , that it is so much extra work at an already crazy time & that it is pretty gross to CD. Generally I’d say I’m a pretty lazy person, and i’m not finding it too much extra work! (I will say, today was an exhausting day and I was a tiny bit bummed that i had to to do CD laundry, but, since it isnt THAT hard to do, i survived! :))

On me and Cloth Diapering !

Since day 3 I used prefolds(PFs) (traditional rectangular diapers like our Mom’s remember) and covers. These days they have covers that have velcro, instead of rubber pants. (Well, some people DO still use the rubber pants, but I’d rather use velcro! :)) I used PFs from Green Mountain Diapers. I also bought some from another company, but so far they are too small or too big. I use them as burp cloths and changing pad covers for now. But I can tell the quality is MUCH better from Green Mountain Diapers (GMD). GMD is a tad more expensive but they make PFs in sizes that are less bulky.

If I knew then what I knew now…

I would’ve ONLY bought PFs and covers!! This is the cheapest way to CD! And it really isn’t very hard! I bought other diapers for night time because i thought in my sleep deprived state it would be too hard to use PFs at night, but it really isn’t!

I will say that the Orange Edge PFs didn’t last too long for us. C was a big baby, but actually, I found she outgrew them as far as absorbancy went, before actually outgrowing them size wise. I never had a leak though, so they were still absorbant enough, but just barely!

Because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about PFs, I was looking for a simple system that would *hopefully* last throughout diaper wearing days for more than one kid. A new diaper hit the market while I was planning my CD “stash” & it seemed to fit the bill. I ended up going with this system for my longterm use diapers. Diapers that are meant to last from newborn stage to toddlerhood are called “one size” (OS). Most OS diapers are NOT infact, one size, because they usually don’t fit newborns. (which is why i had PFs and covers on hand). However, my ginormous baby (ok, not really. she was slightly bigger than average, at 8lbs 11oz) fit her OS diapers pretty much right away. I tried them on her at 6 days old & they were quite bulky, but fit. I’ll post some pictures so you can see.

I’ll go ahead and say here some advice that is good, but i kind of ignored. You really shouldn’t invest in ONE system before your baby is born, b/c you just don’t know what you will like. it’s best to try out a diaper or two and THEN commit. I would’ve only gotten PFs and Covers if i had done that… but I wanted to have diapers ready to go when she came…plus, people got me some as gifts! 🙂 But that’s my tip to you, even though i didnt really follow it…

Anyway, the diaper I selected was the Gro Baby diaper. It is a OS diaper, but what i like about it is that the absorbant part snaps in & out, so if the diaper is wet only (or if poop didnt get on the cover), you can keep re-using the outer part. Exclusively breastfed newborns poop is quite runny, so it often gets on the cover, a complaint by some, but it doesn’t really bother me. you could get away with a lot less shells though, (so cheaper) if you waited to start using these for an older baby who is eating solids. I figured in the long run, since i had already committed to this system, it was cheaper to just have a lot of shells. I also didn’t want to have a lot of different diapers around- it would just confuse B!! (and i don’t want to get addicted to diaper buying- that isn’t gonna save money!! 🙂

As far as washing goes, I keep it simple. I use either country save or tiny bubbles (both cloth diaper safe and good for the enviroment). I do a hot wash with extra water (a setting on my HE washer) and an extra rinse. NO liquid softener in our washer (in any load, not just diapers) anymore! And no dryer sheets either. I use dryer balls and LOVE them.

my “pager” (aka C is crying) is going off, so i’m going to finish this for now. I’ll try to make a post soon with pictures of C in her diapers. Also, if you post any questions in the comments, I’ll do a follow up blog answering them! 🙂