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Storyland 2012

No time to post! Just enjoy the pictures! We had a great time 🙂



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When I write “California” I hear it like that 2Pac Song… That’s bad, isn’t it…?

We visited some dear dear friends and had a blast! It was challenging traveling across time zones with a two year old (the 3 month old doesn’t sleep anyway…)… add in potty training… this trip had its moments but over all we were absolutely blessed and really enjoyed ourselves.  The highlights were definitely seeing old friends and Disneyland.

Sorry for the brief posts but hey, at least i’m getting some of them out there! 🙂

(we also visited the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park… in case you couldn’t tell!)


and sorry that some of the pictures may repeat… I started to post this over a month ago. If I don’t hit “publish” now, it’s obviously never going to get done! 🙂

D {2 Months…ok, 2.5}

I better bang out this post before he gets to be 12 weeks on Friday!!:)

2 Month Stats

11.6 pounds (50th percentile)

22.3 in long (26 percentile- we’re short!)

Head Circumference-16in (68th percentile- big head, short body:))

He continues to not sleep through the night… I continue to be a zombie and a coffee addict.

He’s getting more and more smiley. He loves his play gym thing and his bouncy chair– he looks so proud of himself when he moves a toy.

He isn’t very chatty-he mainly reserves his cooing for when he is eating, and when your attention is solely on him. (*which as a second child, is probably only 15 minutes a day… poor guy) But when he’s chatty, it’s super cute!

He often looks tense when he’s drifting off to sleep- like he has his little “dukes” up (looking ready to box). It’s quite charming!

Speaking of charming- I brought him to my hair appointment this week and the ladies at the salon just loved him- but apparently, he prefers blondes! He was very smiley at a “marilyn-esque” picture  the whole time we were there. 🙂

He’s so cute… 🙂

And lastly, a comparison:

More next time! *maybe* 🙂


So of course, I’m behind. Haven’t blogged in almost a month! So here’s some quick updates!

Me & B:

Project 365: FAIL. I was doing great until my camera’s card filled up. Then it took me until yesterday to empty it. (New) Goal: to start again tomorrow! 🙂

Weight loss-WIN! B and I both started using My Fitness Pal (has a GREAT app for the iphone!) and we’ve both lost 10 pounds already in the month of January! I’m going to try an add a widget to my blog so you can follow my progress. Wahoo! Goals: Keep it up! Start Exercising Regularly.

Parenting Two Kids: I think we are doing pretty great, if I do say so myself! Of course there is plenty of room for improvement :). I’ve taken the two kids to the grocery store twice by myself (thank you Beco Baby carrier!) and we manage to get to all of C’s events on time-ish. What little blessings they are! Goal-keep them breathing. 😉

Budgeting: Pretty proud of us. Talking about $, planning, budgeting- basically anythng $ related made me really anxious. Well 4 years into marriage we had a great night of planning in the beginning of January and stuck to our budget really well! We have a date night set up to do it again this weekend! Goal: keep it up in February!

Thirty-One : This is my new project! (like I needed another one!) I discovered 31 mainly through my friend Nikki. I hosted a show and discovered I wanted to buy absolutely everything- so I knew I had to become a consultant! I am SO SO SO Excited to be a brand new consultant. I love that this is a Christian based company (The name Thirty-One is from the Proverbs 31 woman- a woman I’d like to be more like!) I love the products- they are helping me become that proverbs 31 lady by being more organized and lovely! I’ll probably post more later on this one, but let me know if you’re interested in hearing more before i get around to blogging!!


Continues to be generally adorable, Two year old ish on some days, and comedic relief. (Example: she just told me she’s an “aster not” while wearing a drum on her head) She is such a joy. She loves loves loves her little brother. She’s always bringing him his B.bear (BB2).  She asks where he is, and if he’s sleeping in his “Hungry Cah-piwwer” bed. (some day I’ll finish his nursery and post pics… 😉 ) We have hopes of potty training soon. We’ll see!

She counts forwards and backwards which is pretty impressive in my book. She knows certain letter sounds. She finally knows our first names and no longer thinks my other name is “Hon”! She continues to love dance class and soccer and all her friends and family. She is a very loving little girl, generous with her hugs. She makes my heart full!

D: will be TWO MONTHS OLD on Thursday! I’ll save his updates for then. Fingers crossed that I write one. 🙂

Pictures next time! 🙂


{Wordless Wednesday}




D {One Month Old}

One Month Old! "hello there!"

Phew, that went fast! On the one hand I feel like I was just whining about being pregnant forrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvveeeeeer. I still remember that misery, actually. I remember that better than my super crazy fast delivery! On the other hand, it feels like he’s been a part of our family forever. That’s the funny thing about having kids, when they arrive it seems like they’ve always been apart of your family! And what a blessing they are…

My little snuggle bug is already getting so big. He had his one month check up today. He’s a plump 9#15oz! He’s grown two inches (21 inches now!) I’m noticing his newborn jammies are starting to seem small… I’m not ready to give them up yet though!

You can't tell, but his room is a DISASTER. :/

He’s different than C. C would get hungry and eat and when she ate she would chow down. This little guy pops on and  off about a hundred times while he’s eating. OR he will only eat 5 minutes and fall TOTALLY asleep. So I really never have any idea what will satisfy him! And he’s started up with some reflux, poor guy. The doctor wants to keep an eye on it for now, since he is gaining well she wasnt too concerned. But I’m so sad when it seems like he’s in pain!

He wakes up quite a bit in the night still. My dear friend posted something on twitter the other day and it has become my new mantra:

“The days seem long, but the years are short.”

How SO VERY TRUE. I remember being exhausted and burned out with C… It seems SO VERY LONG AGO now though. I truly can’t believe how fast it goes, so I’m trying to pray “breath of heaven, hold me together” throughout the long nights. And I’m very thankful that while it is SO HARD to wake up in the night, I actually do feel the strength I need to get through the day!

also, looking at this helps 🙂

I’m making a point to snuggle this guy as much as I can. Because I thought I cherished these days with C, and they went so fast. And time seems to go faster with two… I love his soft sweet skin on the side of my face for a snuggle! I love looking down at a satisfied face with milk dribbling from both sides of his mouth.

I love when he does the newborn chicken dance (where he’s sort of Pecking my shoulder looking for food). I love the gummy mouth, and how cute he looks with the pacifier in there.

I love his tiny tiny round head. I love the weight of his little body,I love when hes all curled up and clings to me like a little Koala.

I love C looking on him fondly,

I love how much more confident B is this time around.

I’m such a sap!

Just for fun…


So as you might imagine, December has been very busy! After D’s birth, the parade of the grandparents began.  It included my mom, my dad and step-mom, and my in laws (that’s all the grandparents, for those who are counting!) We thoroughly enjoyed everyone visiting!  C especially loved having all the extra entertainers around. 🙂 I was going to post some pictures of her with the grandparents but B seems to have moved some things around on the laptop and I can’t find them! 🙂

The week we had “off” from grandparents  & B was home from work also happened to be the week before my birthday. I told B what I really wanted was for him to do something with C for me. Have her pick out a card or something like that. So one day he told her they were going to do a surprise for mommy. Only trouble is… a two year old isn’t very trust worthy! So we celebrated a few days early so she wouldn’t ruin the surprise! They picked out a card together and an ice cream cake- completed with thomas the train candles-so I know that C helped pick it all out. 🙂 I cried when he brought her home and she was saying “Surprise! Happy Birfday Momma” over and over. 🙂 It was exactly what I wanted. (Plus earlier in the week I had found a groupon for a spa day so he picked that up as well! Happy Birthday to ME!:))

My Ice Cream Cake!

She STILL talks about my birthday. She’s pretty much obsessed with Birthdays. She talks about a friend’s party we attended in November, and she has now learned her birthday is in “Juhwhy”. Sometimes she says “I can’t yike Juhwhy”. I think she says that because it isn’t currently July!

Not so much fun- We’ve all had colds. And either food poisioning or a mild stomach bug(Mild in comparison to last years, anyway. If we get that again I will CRY)- just what you need with a 2 week old! Fortunately my mom came down and gave us a hand when we were dealing with that!

Christmas Eve!

and, um, did you realize that CHRISTMAS occurred in the last month? Because I basically didn’t. Between giving birth and the flurry of visitors rotating in and out, any time I went anywhere and someone wished me a Merry Christmas I was always like “Oh yeah, right! Merry Christmas!”  I definitely feel like I missed out on the holiday season a bit this year. I just wasn’t WITH it enough to enjoy it fully. That said, the things we did get to I did thoroughly enjoy, Christmas is so fun with a 2 year old! I can’t wait for all the excitement Christmas with Two (two bigger kids) will be like! 🙂

Opening Christmas Eve Jammies!

One thing we managed to enjoy was taking a ride on the Polar Express! A local train place has carnival type rides and light displays along with a train ride. We chose to partake in the special Polar Express ride, where Liam Neisen (okay, just his recorded voice…) reads the story of the polar express over loud speaker. The train takes you through all these light displays which was really neat! Santa came through the train and gave all the kids a sleigh bell. It was very special to see C get so excited. I cried. (Hormones!)

Super Excited for the Polar Express!

I declared myself super mom after nursing D on the train (where it was basically pitch black). He was not so impressed with the outing 🙂

Not So Excited to go on the Polar Express...

On the Carousel (Note D in the Carrier...he's the football head)

With Nan & GP!

She rode two rides, & really enjoyed them, but it was freezing and we were all ready to get home… Next year we will be better prepared. Warmer clothes, a stroller… Of course, C was having a “mood” that night and only Daddy could carry her. (probably related to the fact that I was wearing D in my carrier…). Hopefully she wont still be jealous for next year’s ride!

Christmas was crazy. She tore through presents and was totally spoiled! She is always looking for “somefin for C?” whenever anyone comes over! We need to teach this girl to have a giving spirit, STAT! She didn’t even get to see her big gift -a train table, trains, and a new area to play in our basement- until the 26th because she was so excited about all her new cars and other gifts.  However, she does LOVE her new basement and asks to go down there all the time now. It’s pretty cute. And she will entertain herself down there for awhile, score! Baby Brother got mostly functional gifts this year. I was hoping having a few gifts under the tree would help C know it wasn’t all about her, but It didnt seem to work!

Enjoying one of his "real" gifts! (A bit blurry, but I love his face!)

I love love love baby clothes with something on the bum!

We really enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of four (and even more fun having B’s parents here with us!)

So this was pretty exciting. On Christmas, when we were at my Aunt’s house, C asked to hold D. And then she actually did! Unfortunately neither of them seemed to enjoy it based on the pictures! She’s getting more and more into her big sister role, though!

She will come into the room and say “Hi Babe!” which is so cute. And she still always needs to know where he is and what he’s doing. She’s semi reliable to tell me if he’s sleeping in the van. And tonight was so sweet, she rocked him in his Rock N Play and sang “rock a by baby”. (I actually don’t want her to touch the rock and play… but it was so darn cute!)

Speaking of that moment, I’m going to try and do a 365 photo challenge. I usually do take a photo a day, but i want to get better with my dSLR and not just rely on B all the time. So I’m committing to shooting in manual at least once a day this year. I probably wont post the pictures every day, but as i get a chance I will upload a few at a time. Today I was trying to get a picture of D in his “My first New Year’s” onesie, and C decided to “help”. When she came over to be in the picture I got some great shots. Unfortunately our house has really lousy lighting and I had to shoot @ 1600 ISO at a low f-stop, so a lot of my pictures came out blurry because the depth of field was so little. But I captured a moment I loved which is great and definitely part of the reason to do this! And hopefully by the end of the year i will be better at catching the moment AND the technical stuff. here’s day 1.

{PS I hate when people start these photo a day deals and don’t finish them. I am posting that fact in the name of accountability. I need to commit and follow through!}

This has obviously been edited, but I will post the original underneath just for the sake of documenting improvement in photography.


365.1 Original

Phew! I feel exhausted after just typing all of that.. no wonder I’m so tired and out of it these days–we’ve been busy! I’m sure there was more to post that I missed but I just can’t get it all in… these kids are keeping me busy and tired! I can’t remember if there is more, and even if I could, I need to stop writing and get to bed… at this point I’m not even sure this post made much sense!!! Yawn.

Can you believe it’s already been a month since D was born!? (well, tomorrow makes a month). Hopefully he will get a monthly update post sometime soon!