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Starting 2012 Right!




First walk of 2012, first walk with two kiddos!


16 Months Old!

keeping with tradition, she’s actually 16.5 months…maybe someday we will be on track with the timing!

Anyway, we’ve learned that keeping a 16 month old in front of a background and off of the “monkey bars” (aka lighting equipment) is nearly impossible, so we’ve gone away from pictures in her little chair. Oh well! Maybe some day she will sit and smile. (PS – She often says “cheese” when we take her picture, but says it so fast we can’t snap the picture!)

She is so fun! Have I said that enough? She definitely did not let croup get her down!  She plays hard and messy! I think the thing that entertains her for the longest is definitely pulling all of her toys out of the toy box and all of the books off the shelves (Rather than the actual books and toys themselves). Someday I think she may actually PLAY with the toys…

I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving! We did another family race on thanksgiving and had lots of fun! She seemed to enjoy it for the most part (yay!).  I’m happy to be exposing her to the importance of exercise, even at this young age.  Maybe next year she will get out and run some of it with me! We then spent the day with some of my family and had lots of fun. Since last thanksgiving was “milk only”, I was excited for C to enjoy her first real thanksgiving… she seemed to enjoy it, but she would only eat cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! (Seriously no potatoes-sweet or other- no turkey, no stuffing… she’s definitely my daughter, the cranberry sauce is my personal fav! And only from the can with nothing resembling an actual cranberry in it! )

my brain is spacing on what is new with her! while i think she is saying more and more things, sometimes the words all run together in the way they sound… “baa” is for sheep, bear, etc… but a lot of her older words are getting more and more clear. Doll, and Ball come to mind as words she says crystal clearly. She will say jibberish sentences a lot of the time now, which is really cute. Her most said word right now is either “see! see!” (“I want to see it” or “gimme it” or “turn the tv on”) or “Yights” (lights or fan). She walks around like a little captain, commanding us to turn on all the lights, especially lights with fans. It’s really cute and energy in-efficient. 🙂 (this includes the lights in the car much of the time!)

Oh, this is new! she has started to sing the ABCs. Sort of. When she pushes the fridge alphabet and it starts to sing she tries to sing a long. It’s not the right letters by any means, but she definitely is attempting to sing along.  I haven’t been able to get it on video just yet.

We saw a Christmas tree the other day in a restaurant that had the round ornaments on it, and she immediately wanted to grab them off. So I’m thinking we will be leaving all the “balls” off our tree this year. Hoping to put it up soon!

Favorite Veggie: PEAS (pretty much the only veggie she eats regularly)

Favorite Fruit: Banana (which she calls MAaaaaaa for some reason) or “bapple”

Favorite Toy: Busy Ball Popper (in the last month she has figured out how to work it on her own so she uses it a lot. I’d recommend it to you all, but it’s the most.annoying.toy.ever. The balls dont stay in the thing!! So I spend half my day wandering around trying to keep up with all the balls.

Time sure flies!

I can’t believe how long I’ve gone without a post. There’s so much going on, but also not a lot going on. Yeah, I know that made sense. 🙂

C is into everything, so curious. She’s super adorable right now! She “talks” a lot. When we were at B’s parents house, she seemed to be asking for “Da-da” and called B’s Dad, Dada also. I don’t think we can yet call it her first word though, since it’s still the only consonant sound she is consistently making. She also will imitate me if I sneeze or cough in the car! So cute. We had a great time in TN. The flight down was awesome since she actually slept! The flight back was not so great. We were delayed bc of all the rain in Nashville (praying for the people there still!) C did really well under the circumstances, but it was still a really long day! She had a great time with Nan and GP though! We miss them already!

On the running/weight loss front, I crested losing 20 pounds! (then went back up a half pound, but we will just go ahead skip over that and hope for a loss again this week!) I decided to go ahead and train for a half marathon! Yikes. I wasn’t even seriously running before the end of March, and now I’m running a half marathon on May 30th! I have some great support from my family and I have two friends running with me, so we are checking in daily, which is great. Another challenge is the new heat and humidity. I’m still adjusting! Yesterday’s run was tough because of the heat!! I did 8 miles in Chattanooga and I was SO HOT at the end. I am hoping for warm weather on the 29th for my friend’s wedding, but then for a cool down overnight on the 30th! If you’re in the area I’d love to have you come and cheer me on! Here’s the race info!

Sorry no adorable pictures right now since I have to go get the wee one! 🙂

It’s not an April Fools Joke, I swear!

So, did I tell the story of the missing sneakers on here? I think it was around mid-February when it began. I ran on the treadmill one morning, and took off my sneakers. The treadmill (and therefore, the sneakers) is in our house. The next day, I go to look for the sneakers and I can’t find them. I didnt have time to look, so I just wore something else. The third day was a day to run, so i really needed them. I could.not.find them ANYWHERE. I mean, Over the course of the next MONTH I tore apart my house looking for them! I even put away stuff that had been out since December! (On the one hand, that’s a good thing, on the other hand, I had obviously NOT wanted to put it all away, LOL!) B also searched high and low for them. People in our small group looked also. I finally give up and buy new sneakers. But because of Murphy’s law, I wait a few more days to take the tags off the new sneakers. ( I was sure buying new sneakers would be the key to the old ones turning up!). No dice. I finally give up and walk with my new sneakers (which cost more and I didn’t like NEARLY as much!). At this time it’s mid- March.

Fast forward to two nights later when I go out with some girlfriends. God bless my husband, who is much neater than I am, he was cleaning/straightening the basement (it’s finished, but we don’t use it for more than working out) up while I was out.
I come home.
There, sitting on my stairs, my old sneakers sat! I was shocked! Apparently he had found them in between a pile of clean sheets that I had folded by the laundry room. (yes, I had CLEAN sheets, folded, but not put away, for over a month!)

So that whole story explains why I hadn’t run for over a month. Then even after the sneakers were found, I still have my very inconsistent napper to deal with. So I wasn’t really into exercising.

But now we have our new (FAB!) jogging stroller. It’s a BOB revolution, and if you’re in the market for a jogger, I highly recommend it. Anyway, so yesterday, I decided to take it for it’s inaugural spin. After a month and a half off, I had no idea how long i could run for, or how far, pushing a jogger. I started out trying to make it (on the flat side) to the end of my street. I kept going. I did it again, then I did the hilly side and back! I ran for about 30 minutes and for about 2.7 miles (according to B)! I can’t believe it. So here’s hoping I can do it again tomorrow or Sunday.

I also ended up walking with my neighbor for a few miles in the afternoon yesterday, I’m a workout machine!

In other weight loss news, I thought I’d post some about what I’m eating. I’m a snacker, that’s my downfall. I’ve found eating some of the following things satisfies my need to snack without sacrificing my diet.

  • I found out microwave popcorn is TERRIBLE for you (even the fat free kind, they are all very chemically), so I’ve been popping my own on the stove for awhile now (so easy, no need to buy an air popper or anything!). I put a little “Molly McButter” on it to make it taste SUPER yummy. Popcorn is actually a great source of fiber and better for you than chips and whatnot if you make it like this. I find it to be filling and it’s only a few points for a LOT of it!
  • I love eating a few pretzels and dipping them in trader joe’s bean dip. The bean dip is no points and super yum. And a bowl of pretzels is MUCH less than 7 or 8 tortilla chips! I use the pretzel trick for guacamole also.
  • I also started eating the Laughing Cow light cheese wedges. TWO wedges is only 1.5 points. And with a few pretzels or reduced fat-wheat thins, this is a low point and filling snack!

Another downfall of mine is drinks. I love me some sweet drinks. I’ve banned soda (diet and otherwise) from the house, though we treat ourselves to a diet or regular drink when we are out and about. I sometimes will buy diet snapple to satisfy a craving, but I’m not wild about artificial sweeteners in everything (i use them in my coffee and try to limit it to that). But, I’ll tell you what, it’s easy to not drink em when we don’t have any in the house! That’s my main strategy. Now that it’s warmer I’ve been getting Passion Tea at Starbucks because it’s sweet without syrup or anything and I like it! I’ll also make tea for myself at home (I like Harney and Son’s Hot Cinnamon Spice) that is so flavorful I don’t need to add anything (sometimes a little agave, but not even all the time).

It’s so true that as you cut out some of those things, you crave them less. I really am enjoying my water, most of the time! And my milk at the end of the day! 🙂

Alright this is long enough and I want to get some downtime in before the wee one wakes from her nap!

Update on Me!

Mostly I know everyone checks in here to see how cute C is getting. However, since I did post about our new weight loss regime, I will go ahead and do a 6 week update! Since January 7th, I’ve lost 11 pounds (as of Feb 20)! My hope to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by the time she is 9 months old is definitely becoming a realistic reality! While that is still pretty far above my ultimate goal weight, I’m still pretty excited about it.

I’m a pretty big snacker, so my big challenge is finding things I want to nibble on that aren’t too bad for me, or limiting the really bad (good!) stuff to it’s ACTUAL portion size. It’s really working for me to count out how many pretzels or wheat thins I’m going to eat, rather than mindlessly reaching into the box.

I’m also getting “into” running again. For me, once i am at the point I’m at now (actually able to run) it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m considering signing up for a 9K in May, but I need to raise a 1000$ to do it. (Proceeds go to local veterans and victims of traumatic brain injury. Let me know if you’d be willing to sponsor me- I’m still about 500 away from being able to sign up!). If I can’t do this particular 9K, I’m pretty sure I will sign up for something, just so that I have something to shoot for.

Hopefully C stops waking up during her naps soon so I can get a longer run in! (I find it hard to focus when she’s babbling on the monitor!)

9 months on…3 months off?

So, I know the saying is 9 months on, nine months off, but that means I only have about 3 months to lose that baby (ice cream) weight! While the big guys on the Biggest Loser (my new favorite show) can lose 30lbs in a week, I don’t think that is super realistic for moi.

Sadly, SBL was a big fat (pun intended) failure. We did decide to buy a treadmill as a Christmas gift for each other. We’ve committed to the Couch to 5k running plan, so far B has completed week one. I’ve completed 2/3 of week one (I would’ve completed it today but SOMEONE woke up early from her nap, cutting my work out by 10 min or so. So I’m going to do re-do it tomorrow!) Ultimately, I’d like to run a marathon someday, but i think it will have to wait until my child bearing days are over! One of my friends mentioned doing her “daily 5” which i’ve been trying to do as well. You do 5 push ups and 5 situps a day, and then add 5 each week. It isn’t much, but it’s enough to start making it a habit. I’ve found that incorporating the baby in my workouts makes it even better; I do my push ups over her face and kiss her each time i go down. She LOVES it! And it’s more fun for me! I also try to hold her over my head and bench press her a few times a day for a few reps- she’s probably 17-18lbs, so that’s something! I’d like to do some work out videos on my days “off” from Cto5K… But I dont want to waste money either. So please recommend your favorite workout videos! 🙂

My longterm goal is to lose 35 pounds. This would put me at a pleasant, but not too thin, weight for my height. I have no idea how long it SHOULD take someone my size to lose that much weight.

Losing the baby (ice cream!) weight would mean losing about 15lbs. Can I do that in 3 months? Maybe if I only eat salad? (not realistic! but i could cut out my 1/2 a jar of PB a week…what? I LOVE PB!)

Another goal I have is to cook more. I really want to love to cook, LOL. I am trying to cook (or eat leftovers from a homecooked meal) 6 days a week & include more veggies. I’m planning on making C’s babyfood, so I’ll definitely have more fruits and veggies around for her! So hopefully we will snack on her left overs! 🙂

I’m putting this all out there (again!) so that I have some more accountability… If you’re trying to get healthier too, feel free to let me know so we can encourage each other!