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Breastfeeding {a year and counting!}

So this is one of those things that has been on my mind the last few months and have been waiting to sort through all my thoughts. I’m still sorting.

I think as a younger person I always thought I would breastfeed, but then quit when my baby had teeth. Then, especially when I became a nurse and learned of all the benefits of breastfeeding, I thought I’d do it forever. Now that I’ve been doing it for a year, I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere (though I can’t find it anywhere!) that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends (and recognizes health benefits) to breastfeeding (at least some) until age two. Obviously, starting at around 6 months babies will begin the weaning process with the introduction of “regular” food.

I’ve always been in the “Babywise” habit of not nursing C to sleep. Are their times when I’ve tried it, yup! Sometimes I nurse her down to achieve the dreaded car nap-to crib transition. But i do not do it on the regular. This, at least, affords me one less thing I have to worry about with weaning. She also has been fine with cups, so she hasn’t had a bottle at all, and If I am not home, she gets milk from a cup (not breastmilk in a bottle. Yay for hardly any pumping!) Now that we are in the process of going to one nap/per day, she is nursing about 3x a day (Down from 4). She has not gotten any overnight feedings in a very long time. 3 times a day is hardly an inconvenience for me. She is very fast and if I’m not home she does not seem to miss it.

In the annexes of my mind, I know there was a time where I was not pregnant or breastfeeding. But just as it seems that C has always been a part of our family, it seems that nursing (or pregnancy) has always been a part of me! I can’t remember what it was like to have my body be completely my own, and I am (in some ways) looking forward to it being mine for a time! However, I’m sure I will lose even MORE weight watchers points when I quit nursing completely, so I do not want to stop! 🙂 When she was a wee one and up sooooo many times and nursing sooo frequently I held it in my head that this day would come much too fast! and i was right 🙂 I’m glad I had that thought to help me get through those times, though!

But I also dread stopping because I know it will be yet another way my baby is no longer a baby, that she is growing up. But nursing her forever will in no way keep her a baby.

We had a very easy time breastfeeding over all. There were definitely difficult times, but in general we had it very easy. She loves to nurse, but took to eating “real ” food easily as well. She’s not too picky (YET!), and drinks cow’s milk from a cup, no problem.

In general, I think it will be an easy transition as all the other transitions (with food/nursing) have been.  I wonder if she is ready even now. I’m certainly not. Growing up is all about starting the slow process of becoming your own person. It starts with birth and the clamping of the cord and it ends with… I’m not sure- I’m still asking my parents for advice! 🙂 I think part of why God makes it a slow process is for the sake of the mother’s poor heart! Babyhood goes way too fast.

Perhaps when she starts to walk I will become more ready. Somedays for sure I’m ready to stop (like when she wakes at 6 on saturday… if I wasn’t nursing B could take a turn!!! :)) but for now I will enjoy (as I have made it my habit, even at those 2, 3, and 4 am feedings) these moments as I am sure they are dwindling.

Anyway, those are all my deep thoughts on breastfeeding. Sorry for the rambling post. 🙂


Almost a year…

in less than two weeks, C will be turning one! I’ve really tried to sit back and enjoy this time and treasure every moment… and even still, it went way too fast! I keep trying to freeze her at the age she is…fortunately she just keeps getting better and better, so I don’t mind the growing up AS much…

July 14 will mark many other things too.. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately I’d like to post more on. For now, a list… 🙂

One year of:

  • being a family of three.
  • being a mom.
  • exclusively breastfeeding
  • learning to be needed all the time
  • cloth diapering
  • realizing my selfishnesss
  • fun, fun, fun!
  • growth-vast changes in both C and me, I think!
  • parenting

Obviously some things on the list are deeper than others. I think it is pretty amazing how much not only a baby changes in their first year, but parents as well. We will (hopefully!) have more children, but we will never experience the first year of parenthood again. (Thank goodness!). But the second year is coming up fast! Not sure we are ready! I feel like we both can trust our instincts so much more than we could when she was a tiny little thing. I’m no longer pouring over every sleep book I can find (though I do solicit advice and pull them out from time to time in hopes of finding more sleep!).  I used to really struggle when leaving C with anyone, even B. That’s gotten so much better. I know that B (and anyone we trust) can handle it. I still think of her/them while I’m out, but I no longer need to call and check in! I’m even getting ready to go away for a few nights without her, and later, without her or B! (I plan on reading all of the Twilight books in 2 days when I’m away…good use of time, right?).

Sometimes I DO long for the days when she was a little lump, not getting in to anything. But then my friends of newborns remind me of the countless diaper changes, the up all nights, and the bleary eyed early mornings and I am happy with where we are! 🙂

I will be writing more on some of these topics, hopefully writing them down here will help me to remember all the things I want to say! 🙂

What I love(d) about being pregnant/being a Mom.

On my message board the other day someone posted about all the trials of pregnancy. That served as a good reminder that I could wait awhile before attempting baby #2! 🙂 But then some people also posted spin offs about what was great about pregnancy and having a new baby (these made me ache to be pregnant and have a new baby again!) Here are some of mine:

Best parts of pregnancy:

  • How (mostly) everyone is so nice to you!
  • Feeling the baby move!
  • Having such an intimate connection with the baby. You get to have a relationship with someone who isn’t yet born…it’s pretty awesome… I wonder if God sort of feels this way about us before we are born also?!
  • Eating Ice Cream. (Though I’ve resolved, repeatedly, to not do this as much next time!)
  • Being infinitely interesting. People (including strangers) always want to know about you, how you’re doing, when you’re due, what you’re having… I think it’s probably because they know how awesome what you’re about to do is!
  • Getting to park in “expectant mother parking”.

Best Parts of Mommyhood, so far:

  • feeling the weight of her little body rest against mine.
  • getting to experience all those “firsts!”
  • her smiling at me just because I’m me.
  • seeing her try to peek over the crib rail to see if I’m there.
  • breastfeeding, for me, has almost always been a very positive experience.
  • watching her learn and explore “simple” things has made me appreciate them more.
  • feeling pretty darn productive even if “all” i did that day was keep her safe & fed.
  • teaching & playing Peekaboo.
  • a sense of pride that is so inexplicable
  • understanding, a sliver, a tiny bit more, the love that God must have for us. 🙂

There are many many more, but that’s all i got for now. 😉