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i guess i should stop promising to blog

because it’s obvious I won’t keep it up. 🙂

It’s been a whirlwind around here. We closed on our new house on 8/30 and we are loving PA. No offense to MA, we loved it there too. We are just so blessed to deal with great people on both ends of our move. We are still settling in around boxes and piles of stuff we just don’t know what to do with! I truly can’t stop counting our blessings these days.


The kids are adjusting well and we have had lots of visitors to keep us busy. We can’t wait for more as the holidays approach. 🙂


D has been saying all kinds of adorable things lately like “help you” (instead of help me), and he very clearly (and usually loudly!) requests the songs he likes in the car “Beats Bananas Pease?” (Of course you don’t want to be around when the song is over! We are working on being okay when Mommy and Daddy say “No!”…that’s for both our kids actually!)

C really loves to color and is getting more and more coordinated and dexterous which is good to see. She is starting swimming classes again and loves them! (and we are loving how much more inexpensive they are here!) 

My kids are adorable, have  i mentioned that yet?Image


i thought they were cookies…

This story is just too awesome not to share!

Last week in school C made stones out of coffee grounds and sand (and probably some other ingredients). They made them because they had talked about the story of David and Goliath and how David had used Stones in his slingshot. (so glad they made stones and not sling shots!). Anyway, the stones had to dry over the weekend.

Well, the teacher emailed us on Monday saying how the stones smelled positively AWFUL! She didn’t kow what was wrong. So she said to just admire them in their (Sealed!) baggies and then get rid of them.

So I left them out on the counter for C to show Daddy. She does, and then I was going to wait till she went to bed to toss her project out. Of course, I forget to do so as soon as she is in bed. We’re watching TV and B gets up to go get a drink. I’m focused on the show.

He sits back down.

(do you see where this is going yet?)

Next thing I know he’s saying, “WHAT ARE THESE? UGH!”

Yep. He was eating rotten coffee ground & sand “cookies”.

We could not stop laughing about it. 🙂